Have you ever wondered how swimming pool owners manage to maintain suitable pool temperatures through different seasons? Seasons like winter, for example, come with a highly cool atmosphere, and still swimming pool owners still feel confident to swim.

It has been discovered that most pool owners have specific heating systems installed in their pools to regulate the pool’s temperature to the atmosphere’s changing temperature. This heating system is more of a device and is called the Pool Heat Pump.

When constructing a swimming pool, the professional advises that this device be installed in the swimming pools to help you enjoy your swimming pools. Since its introduction, this device has evolved in different forms, with the most recent and most used: the inverter pool heat pump.

This article highlights what the inverter pool heat pump can do or its uses and hints on the best inverter pool heat pumps available and where to buy them. The best inverter pool heat pump is the Aquark heat pump, known for its brilliance and efficiency. It is guaranteed to give you top-notch performance at an affordable price.

Uses of Inverter Pool Heat Pumps

These heat pumps function like any regular heat pump; they pump heat to the surrounding environment by absorbing the cool atmosphere and transferring heat to the atmosphere. The inverter pool heat pump distinguishes itself from the others because it uses the inverter technology to store energy, thereby saving energy. This device is not only restricted for use in swimming pools. It has other uses, and they are:

  1. Swimming pools: This is the most common. A part of it is mounted in the swimming pool with another part outside the pool. The part located in the pool is called the condenser, and it functions to absorb the cool temperature of the water and induce a healing effect on the water to warm it up and make it suitable for swimming in different weathers. The part located outside receives the cool temperature and recycles it back to heat the water body again.
  2. Halls and rooms: The inverter pool heat pump is becoming a better replacement for heaters or room thermostats because of specific benefits. This device serves the same functions n as in swimming pools, but the condenser is installed in the room or hall while the other part is installed outside the room or hall.

Components of The Inverter Pool Heat Pump.

  1. Inverter: This functions like an energy bank and energy source that powers the entire system.
  2. Refrigerant: This is a substance used in completing the cycle that the system operates with.
  3. Compressor: This compressed the refrigerant to high pressure and high temperature in a gaseous state.
  4. Condenser: This condenses the refrigerant into a semi-liquid and semi-gaseous state having high pressure but low temperature.
  5. Extraction valve: This is the pressure reduction center that reduces the refrigerant’s pressure.
  6. Evaporator: Transforms the refrigerant to a gaseous state while maintaining low pressure.
  7. Fan/blower: This cools the temperature of the refrigerant before it returns to the compressor to restart the cycle.


Inverter pool heat pumps are devices used to maintain a suitable and comfortable swimming temperature in swimming pools. Other uses are highlighted above.

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