Headband wigs, the sensation that took the hair industry by storm this past year. Everyone is now looking to get into the club that is headband wig wearers. If one is just joining the club, welcome girl. Then comes the discussion of the headband wig cost.

A regular wig could break your bank, almost quite literally. The typical wig could cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars (USD). This price range is of course for human hair wigs. There are lots of synthetic wigs above and under the hundred-dollar mark.

The Price of Ideal Headband Wigs

The cost of headband wigs varies widely depending on source and quality. However, they are considerably cheaper than human hair and synthetic wigs. Mostly, one could get a headband wig for as cheap as $40 (USD). The price could go as high as just below $300 (USD).

Compared to the price of the regular lace human hair wig, the reason for the popularity of the headbands is obvious. In fact, during holidays and special seasons, it is possible to get them for much cheaper. Some dealers give as much as a 30% discount.

A quick reminder, stay away from unbelievably cheap wig prices. For one simple reason, the clue is in their description. They are unbelievable.

Do the Headband Wigs Price Mean they are Fake Wigs?

As implied by the Cost, the headband wigs are not in the same grade as regular lace wigs. But are they fake? No, no they are not fake. They are manufactured from cheaper materials, but they are not fake. At least when gotten from trusted sellers, they are usually the real deal.

So do not be scared if a wig of reasonable price is discovered. However, if when compared to the normal price range it is still cheap, just stop. As is applied to most other things, if it is too good to be true, it most likely is. So, yes there can be fake ones. But no, they are not all fake.

Fact for readers, these headband wigs were actually made famous to meet up with wig demands. This is why it became even more prominent during the lockdown. Well, everyone was home but the need to look good did not drop. This is why headband wigs are mostly used for unofficial outings.

Wearing headband wigs for official events can be quite tricky. But it is possible with the right dress and the right headband wig. However, for unofficial and casual events the headband wigs can be quite well-fitting.


So the headband wigs are well worth their cost. Thankfully, these wigs are not as expensive as many think. So do not hesitate to get one. One thing that is sure with headband wigs is that they will not go to waste. With their wide window of application, a use for them will always arise.

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