Technological devices, especially electrical ones, have made lives better and different. It has changed the course of the human experience when you compare how we live now to how people lived some two hundred years ago. This has meant that pretty much every home has some sort of electrical device in them. However, with electrical appliances comes electric cables, and they come in different lengths and sizes too. Large electrical wires are prone to get tangled up, which leaves the room messy and cluttered. The solution to this problem is retractable cord reels. You will learn a lot about them in this article, including how you can make one yourself.

What is a retractable cord reel?

A retractable cord reel is a genius engineering invention that can help you make a room cluttered with cables look super organized in no time. It is a tool used to wound up the unused part of a long cable. It ensures that the only part of the cable exposed to the outside world is the used part, and as such, it keeps wires taut instead of loosely lying around. Some, like the premium-grade SJTOW, have a self-winding mechanism that automatically reels in the cable. In contrast, others require you to do it manually.

Nonetheless, a retractable cord reel is a beneficial device to have around when you have many cables lying around to prevent them from getting tangled up and becoming even messier. Sure, you could untangle the mess of wires the first time, but what about the second, the third, and many more times after that? A retractable cord reel ensures you do not have to spend your productive time on trivial activities like organizing wires.

Making a retractable cord reel

Making a retractable cord reel yourself helps you know its inner workings, which instills in you the knowledge to handle one properly. Other than that, it is fun to try new things, so let’s get to it.

To make a retractable cord reel, you will need a few materials which are:

  • Curved PVC pipe.
  • Some screws.
  • A knob.
  • Hot Glue.
  • A jigsaw.
  • Two pieces of wood.
  • A screwdriver.

Steps to take to make a retractable cord reel.

  1. Cutting the Wood

The first step is to cut up the boards in a circular shape of equal size. Smoothen out their edge because the charred edges can hurt you.

  1. Hook and Hole

Please pick up the PVC pipe and attach a hook to one of its sides. Make a hole for which to insert the cable.

  1. Attach the boards

The pipe, once it is ready, should be attached to the boards. Ensure each side of the pipe in use is fixed to the center of the panels.

  1. Fix the knob

Attach the knob on one of the boards with hot glue.

  1. Mount the pipe

Attach a pipe to the wall or floor. Ensure it is larger but not more expansive than the wheel’s pipe.

  1. Wire and Wheel

Now it is time to attach the wheel with the pipe you mount in the previous step and lock it in with the help of a crew. After all, this is done, you can wound the wire on the mount.


A retractable cord is a helpful device to have around the home. It is simple to make, and then you will enjoy the experience of making one.

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