A hose reel is an essential device in any area where water hoses are applied. This is mainly because of its storage function. One of the biggest mistakes that hose reel owners make is not practicing proper water hose usage. Most people do not understand that the way they use a hose reel directly impacts its life span. Therefore the following tips for hose reel application are essential.

Tips for using a hose reel

Some essential tips are;

Understand the components of the hose reel

The first tip is to understand the components of the hose reel. This information will help you learn how to use the product correctly. For instance, below are some critical components you should understand;

  • Wheel– most, if not all, hose reels come with a wheel. This is the part where the water hose is coiled. The primary purpose of the wheel is to store the hose and protect it from possible damages. The wheel is also used for unwinding and retracting the water hose, especially in manual reels.
  • The stopper– this is the component used to lock the hose reel at any water hose length. All you have to do is pull the water hose to a convenient length and activate the stopper. The stopper will keep you from pulling more of the hose when you do not need it. It will also keep the hose from completely coming off the hose reel.
  • The retraction system– this element is responsible for rewinding the water hose on the reel after application. The latest hose reel designs come with automatic retraction systems. These are systems where you do not have to put any effort into putting the hose back on the reel. All you have to do is activate the system, and the hose will automatically retract.

In addition to these three components, hose reels have several other parts. However, the three mentioned above are the most important for understanding how to use a hose reel.

Understand the hose reel capacity

When purchasing a hose reel, you will realize that most manufacturers usually indicate the hose size that the product can handle. Understanding this information will also come in handy when it comes to proper usage of the product. First, it will help you pick the best water hose for the reel. Failure to do this will impact the performance of the hose reel. For instance, using a 5/8 water hose on a ½ hose reel may make the unwinding and retraction process very difficult. Additionally, understanding the hose reel capacity will help you choose the right length of water hose.

Consider the position of the water faucet

In relation to the position of the water faucet, the position where the hose reel is installed will also significantly affect its application. Therefore, another important tip is to ensure that the hose reel is correctly installed near the water faucet. A proper connection between the hose reel and the water faucet is also necessary for proper product usage.


Using a hose reel is not challenging. It is as simple as unwinding the water hose and turning the water tap on. However, the process can become difficult if the hose reel is not correctly installed and does not understand its various components. For this reason, any hose reel owner should understand the tips listed above.

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