Are you a gardener and have you ever wondered if there are any cost-efficient and effective tools in real-world to make your gardening experience a pleasant one? Or are you someone who’s living with the thought of growing your vegetables in your very own backyard, but skeptical about where to start? Well then, Garden equipment with premium-grade SJTOW is the quintessential site. Giraffe Tools offers some great, insightful, and efficient tools for your garden, irrespective of the size of the garden, saving you from the work done with your brute strength and bare hands. Let’s look at some gardening equipment that could be of great use.

Garden Hose Reels and Garden Hoses

Trying to put out an uneven hose manually. It becomes extremely difficult to coil up a larger hose in an archaic hose hanger. The best solution is to keep the hose on a reel. Giraffe Tools’ affordable collection of hose reels include:

  • Retractable Garden Hose Reel
  • Wall-mounted Hose Reel
  • Stainless Steel Hose Reel
  • Hose Reel Box.

They haven’t missed out on watering hoses too, for they include:

  • No Kink Reinforced Garden Hose
  • Hybrid Water Hose

These durable and affordable hose reels are worth the penny as they strive to extend the life of your hose by preventing it from twisting, kinking, and wrapping.

Air Hose Reels and Air Hoses

Giraffe air Hose Reels eliminate kinking and tangling of air hoses and reduces tripping hazards. By investing in these air hose reels, you can improve productivity, efficiency and better organize your cables and hoses. They can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted and are designed to ease your life. Giraffe Tools’ Air Hose Reel include:

  • TA Series Air Hose Reel – This series gives you the flexibility to choose between various hose lengths and parts as well. These are designed with a unique hose guide, and auto-rewind system allowing you to retract your hose safely and quickly. With their stop helper, you can lock your hose from any length.
  • AWA Series Air Hose Reel – These reels are covered by polypropylene case which is crack-resistant. It is lightweight, durable and aims in providing convenience at a low price. This has as an auto-rewind system which ensures an uninterrupted and smooth flow of liquid.

Extension Cord Reels

Giraffe Tools’ Extension Cord Reels are designed considering your agony over tangled or messy extension cords. This durable reel can be extremely useful and efficient for occasional use, rugged use, or frequent use. They are safe to be used for both commercial and residential purposes. As they’re covered by polypropylene casing, they’re extremely lightweight and can withstand extreme weather conditions. They come with an auto-rewind system to roll up your complicated electric wires. Worried about accidents or injury? Well, Giraffe Tools got you covered. Few features in Giraffe Tools Extension Cord Reels ensure safety.

  • A reset button and circuit button.
  • A circuit breaker that works automatically in case of overload.
  • Option to manually put off the cord reel with the reset button.
  • Giraffe Tools consumer service department takes immediate actions in times of disrupts.
  • A user manual clearly defining the terms of use.

Choosing the right Extension Cord Reels is of utmost importance for electrical safety and investing in Giraffe Tools’ equipment is the obvious choice.

Electric Pressure Washers

Giraffe Tools’ Electric Pressure Washers are designed for cleaning surfaces like pavement, decks, patio furniture, etc. With the Spring season underway, revamping the home exterior is as important as cleaning up the interior. With Giraffe Tools’ Electric Pressure Washer, you can scrub and grime off the dirt and removeindelible stains from your garden. It includes:

  • Two-in-one design – Consists of a high-pressure washer and a retractable hose reel
  • Automatic rewind system – To untangle the messy water hoses.
  • Storage function – Can be wall-mounted with a 180° rotation bracket.
  • Power motor – Equipped with 20° and 40° nozzles and adopts 10AWP/1400W which in turn produces 1600PSI/1.28GPM washing force.
  • Total stop system – Automatic switching to standby mode.

The Giraffe Tools’ products comply with ISO 9001 and other relevant certifications. If you’re looking out for ways to upgrade the look and style of your garden, these are the great ways to start with, as they’re built with great style and design. Covert your garden into paradise by investing in Giraffe Tools!

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