Nowadays, almost every woman you come across has a wig on. However., if you are not familiar with wigs, you may not recognize them, especially the human hair wigs. These wigs have gained popularity due to their natural appearance, luster, versatility, ease of washing, and many other benefits. Different human hair wig types are available in hair stores both locally and online. Depending on your style, you can have them straight, curly, wavy, or in a bob. In this post, we explain the human hair wigs categories

Human hair wigs categories

These wigs are mistaken for natural human hair due to their textures. They also have an attached lace that is cut to mimic your hairline and give it a fuller look. They come at a high cost, but it’s great value for your money since they are long-lasting. The various types are;

1. Full lace wigs

These wigs have lace covering the entire base. It allows you to style the wig in whichever way you like. You can have a side part, middle part, hold it in a bun or ponytail. For human hair wigs, the lace is usually stretchable to fit every head size. It also has tiny holes that allow the flow of air, keeping your scalp cool.

2. Lace front wigs

Unlike the full lace wigs, the lace in this type is only located at the front part of the wig. When wearing the lace front wig, the lace runs from one ear to the other. Very few come pre-cut, but most of them come with a straight lace that you must customize to match your hairline. They are ideal for people with thinning hairlines or total hair loss. The weight of the lace helps keep it down, creating a seamless flow from front to back. One drawback with the lace front wigs is styling. Holding the hair in a ponytail or bun is challenging unless you do it halfway up or down.

3. U-Part Wigs

They act as wigs, but essentially they are extensions. They are clipped to a section of your real hair in a u-shape and then covered with the rest of the hair. Different textures are available to blend in with your hair type, making it hard to distinguish it from your actual hair. U-part wigs are meant to add volume and are easy to style by adding curls or waves.

4. Half Wigs

They are designed to fit half your head. They are worn from the middle section to the back to add volume and length. They look great when worn by people with fuller hairlines since they cover the installation point and blend well.

Final word

Human hair wigs have multiple benefits, and the fact that they come in different forms makes them better. The various types cater to different needs; hence they are the most sought after in the market. They all appear natural, are easy to care for, and style. Understanding the human hair wigs makes the buying process simple, and you select the kind that best suits your need.

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